#SquareCMD Episode Seventy Four: OS X Zoom

By brolloh We can’t believe it’s taken us seventy four tips to get to this one!
This tip has a big fan base amongst educators but we’re sure you’ll find a valuable use for it.
OS X has a universal zoom function to get you closer to your work. To enable this, head to System Preferences > Universal Access > Seeing, or the SquareCMD endorsed method: alt + cmd + 8 for On or Off.

After this is enabled, simply hold ctrl and scroll up on your mouse or trackpad. If you have an older Macbook or a non-scroll mouse, hold alt + cmd and press + to zoom in and – to zoom out
As you can see here, zoom has a wealth of uses.

More soon!

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#SquareCMD Episode Seventy Three: Summarize

By brolloh There’s a super helpful application hidden in your Services menu called Summarize.
The role of Summarize is very much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ one. Whenever you find yourself gazing at a long stream of text that could do with some refinement or in need of a general overview, Summarize is your best bet.
Because Summarize appears in the Services menu, it’s available to all text based applications.

Select your colossal batch of text and head up to the application menu, in this case TextEdit.
Go down to Services and select Summarize.
You’ll be presented with a small window and a slider, the slider lets you refine just how summarised you want the text.

We hope we’ve saved you some time!
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#SquareCMD Episode Seventy Two: iOS Calculator

By brolloh Another simple but widely unused and unknown trick for the iOS mathematicians! This one has existed since the days of ‘iPhone OS 1′ and really shows the innovative way Apple used the accelerometer from the start.
Fire up your iOS Calculator app, what more could you want? Well, if you’re trying to work out how many cakes to buy for a party of 15 children, nothing more. If you’re trying to work out |2(sqrt{2[log4(16)]} – {[log3(27)]3})| + 2 then perhaps you need a lot more. We know the answer is 16 thanks to this tip.

Tilt your iPhone 90ยบ and there you go, the most scientific of calculators is at your disposal!
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#SquareCMD Episode Seventy One: Background Cursor

By brolloh With every application running in it’s own window, your cursor can quickly break into a sweat managing all of them at once! We’re hoping these two tips will ease your pain ever so slightly.
Sometimes we find ourselves using two applications concurrently, perhaps we’re referencing text from Safari but our work and focus is with Pages? Browsing iTunes but working on a Keynote presentation? To scroll through albums in iTunes running in a window behind Keynote, you may think you have to click on iTunes to bring it to the front and scroll, but you needn’t!
OS X allows your cursor to stray outside of the focus application and into one thats peeking around the side, scrolling with your mouse or trackpad will work in that application too without coming to the front!

What happens if you can’t quite see that text you’re referencing behind Pages? Awkwardly manoeuvre the reference window then head back to Pages? No! Using a similar trick, you can move any background window you want.
Hold down the command button and click on the title bar of the background window, you’ll find that you can move it anywhere you want with your main application remaining in front.

We hope this proves helpful!
More soon!

Source: SquareCMD