OWC launches contest to send creative content to space in the Envoy Pro

By news@appleinsider.com (Amber Neely) OWC, known for its line of Mac & PC accessories and upgrades, will be holding a contest that gives artists a chance for their creative content to reach new heights — outer space.They challenge contestants to show the OWC team what they’re capable of producing with OWC products. Winning submissions will be loaded onto an Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3 external SSD and taken to outer space – and returning – with a leading space exploration developer’s upcoming September launch.Contestants will be able to …

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Hard drives versus SSD storage in Macs, compared

By news@appleinsider.com (Malcolm Owen) Apple’s move to using SSDs across the iMac lineup instead of hard drives offer considerable speed benefits to users. AppleInsider explains what these terms all mean to Mac users, and how they apply to your computing needs.A hard drive with an SSD on top. Storage on computing devices, including desktops, notebooks, and mobile devices, is a precious commodity that could easily be filled up by some users. The need to keep entire digital lives on a single piece of hardware can tax many configurations, and prompt the need for either an upgrade in storage or a replacement of the device itself….

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You are cordially invited to Steve Wozniak’s 70th birthday

By news@appleinsider.com (William Gallagher) Woz’s wife Janet Wozniak is holding an online “11-days of Wozdom,” celebrating her husband’s 70th birthday and also raising funds for the charity Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation.Artwork for the “11 Days of Wozdom” eventsIt’s being billed as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s “surprise birthday” party, so keep this to yourself for now. But on his 70th birthday, August 11, there will be streaming events — and then 11 days of “daily challenges,” including a scavenger hunt with new and retro Apple prizes, including an …

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